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Is Cake Lady Supply a bakery?
No, at Cake Lady Supply we only sell products that are used to bake with. Please click link to view our products and brands. Click here to learn more
Is Cake Lady Supply open the general public?
Absolutely, whether you’re a professional or a novice decorator you can find everything you need at Cake Lady Supply. If we do not have what you need in stock we can order it for you.
Where is Cake Lady Supply located?
Cake Lady Supply is located at 328 W. Eldorado Street, Decatur, IL 62521. For directions on how to enter into our location once you arrive please click here. We can also be reached by phone at (217)429-2253 or email at cakeladysupply328@att.net. Our business hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Do you rent any of your products?
Yes, we have select novelty pans, cake stands and cake fountains that are available for rent. Our rental fee is $5.00 with a maximum of a 3 day rental. All rentals require a $25 Cash deposit. For more information regarding our rental products please contact us at (217) 429-2253 or email us at cakeladysupply328@att.net
What type of pans do you sell?
Cake Lady Supply sells a wide variety of baking pans made by the brand names Magic Line and Wilton. We sell round pans, square pans, individually and petal pans, oval pans, hexagon pans, heart pans and pillow in sets. If you are interested in a brand that is not listed please contact Cake Lady Supply for special ordering at (217) 429-2253 or email us at cakeladysupply328@att.net
Do you sell preprinted or stock edible images?
At Cake Lady Supply our Edible Images are printed by request only. Beware that Edible Images should never be printed more than 3 days prior to use. We do have popular characters, teams and other popular items that are trending in stock and ready for print. You are welcome to bring your own printed images including personal photos. We will scan your image and print it out on edible paper, with edible ink. If your image is stored on a disk drive we can usually download the image. For pricing please call us at (217) 429-2253 or email us at cakeladysupply328@att.net.
Can orders be placed over the phone?
Yes, orders can be placed over the phone and scheduled for pick up. For your convenience payments can be made by phone with a Debit or Credit Card.
Can I place an order from your website?
Currently our website is not set up to place orders or except payment. You can always call us during normal business hours at (217) 429-2253 and place your order by phone. We do except payment by phone with a Debit or Credit Card. Please do not email payment information from our contact page.
Do you offer shipping?
Yes, we do provide shipping anywhere. All orders require prepayment with a Debit or Credit Card. Your card will not be charged until your items are ready to be shipped and postage has been calculated. Our preferred shipping method is USPS, but if you prefer UPS additional handling charges may apply.
Are you a wholesaler?
Cake Lady Supply operates under a retail license and therefore cannot offer wholesale options.
What brand of Fondant do you sell?
At Cake Lady Supply we carry Satin Ice in White 2lb and 5lb pails. We also offer a variety of colors in 2lb pails. For pricing please contact us.
What brand of Chocolate do you sell?
At Cake Lady Supply we carry Clasen in 1lb, 5lb and 25lb boxes. For pricing please contact us.
Do you sell plastic boxes for packaging?
Yes, we do sell Clam-Shells (plastic boxes) for packaging.
Individual Cupcake
Cupcake – 6 & 12 count
Mini Cupcake- 12 count
9in pies
Cake boxes- 6” to 16” square
One piece sheet boxes- 10×14 & 14×19
Full sheet boxes- 18×26
Matching cake cardboards- circles, squares and sheets
What is Hi-Ratio shortening?
Remember when solid shortening had transfat in it? That’s all it is. It has the 2-3 percent trans fat
Needed, especially in humid weather, for your icing to hold its shape. So, if your icing is sagging hours
after you have finished it – at the bottom edge (we call this a belly bulge), or if your colors are bleeding even after you think your icing should be dry – change to Hi-Ratio shortening. Non-transfat shortening (Criso) is just whipped oil.
Do you sell Paste Cake Color?
No, the product Cake Craft, that we loved for decades is no longer in business. Chef Master is making some of the colors in gel form only. We carry Americolor, some shades of Chef Master and Wilton Color Mists. We feel these are the most reliable on the market today. If you have questions please feel free to contact us
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